Stereo IP Audio Codec – IQOYA-X/LINK-LE

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IQOYA X/LINK-LE is a 1U rack streamlined IP audio codec designed for the delivery of a stereo source (or two mono sources) over IP networks for STL and SSL, but also DVB audio, or WEB radio

IQOYA X/LINK-LE benefits from all the major features of X/LINK but at an attractive price. It can be used in legacy analog or AES/EBU audio environments, as well as in full-IP audio infrastructures (AES67, Ravenna, Livewire), making it a good investment for the migration to IP audio. Like all the IQOYA products, X/LINK-LE is based on Fluid IP technology which offers the redundant dual streaming feature, allowing for reliable connections over inexpensive IP links. Based on a low consumption and fanless powerful hardware platform, IQOYA X/LINK-LE is designed for 24/7/365 use.

key points
    - Cost effective solution with essential features, and no compromise on reliability
    - Designed for audio service continuity and failsafe operation
    - Ongoing product support with flexible options
    - Invest now in a codec adapted to your current legacy audio infrastructure, and to your future full-IP audio infrastructure
    - Easy integration into existing SNMP based supervisors (SET, GET, Traps)

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